Call from the Mountains!

(तिमी मेरो केबल न्यानो समझनामा
तिम्रा कथाहरु खुशी बाढ्दै भन्नेछु म !)

Somebody is just touching me, but my soul is not feeling it, why?
I was in a trip to Annapurna Base Camp. But a man like me, I swear he is like me, he has lil bit of dark color of face as mine, a mustache like mine, I wonder how can people be same as me haha, he is like my twin !
I cannot figure out why so many people are gathering around the person.  So many Armed Police are here. I remember, I remember we had to reach the base camp in 2 days. I have so many works to do reaching my home and tell my mamma , baba, my elder sister, my grandparents how much fun that I had during the trip, how beautiful the mountains are, say I never regret going to the trip against their permission and promise them to took them too next time. But no one is hearing me. I remember, my friend Santosh and Niranjan  were with me. But I am not seeing them right now. I remember, last time we were together when we cli…
                           Hi there! Do you feel me?
...We are alone just like you said     Cold,Cold world     Life lasts     Only one thing left to roll     last year to learn... 
It was 1 in the midnight. "Tick, Tick", the watch sounded. Lights? of course on !
What are you doing? Lying in the bed as sleep was within me but never in my mind. My mind behaves like it never wants a sleep. Actually things are getting pick in my head, oops! 
Was the day bad? No day started in a charm, I went to walk with my friend, rounded 3 times the football ground, I came, bathed, ate lunch and back in the form to complete the task assigned, did the 25% only lol and went to college,sat on the first bench of course none in the side of my seat, lecturer came, he taught us very few, almost negligible things that are applicable in the practical electronics, most of the time he taught about the "ideal cases", I dreamed about the SpaceX  new rocket "Falcon-9" which video that I h…
The Marshy Love

Donot fall in love with boys with stary eyes, Because No matter how beautiful the chances are, He stole those stars, Like he is going to steal your heart. Donot fall in love with boys with radiant smile, Because that dazzling light will blind your eyes, Even in the shadows of the crevasses. Donot fall in love with boys with charming sweet voices, For his melodies will crawl into your heads through your ears, And sweetly sing to the hypnotic sleep. Donot fall in love with boys who hold your heart into their hands, A thousand feet above your head. Donot fall in love with boys who won't fall in love with you.

My bones formed the shape of a home so that, You could have a safe place to rest. I carried you with me wherever I went, So that loneliness could not drape you, In it's blanket. My heart would pound your name through my veins like blood, And circulate in every inch of me. I loved you like you were a part of me, I am sorry, You could not love me the same.

He said, I was the deep silk…


मानव हौ,

हामिलाई यो थाहा छ,


हामी अरुलाई तल पारेर हेर्न सक्छौ ।

घरमा एउटा सानो Glass को माछा राख्ने Bowl छ,

हामी माछाको Glass लाई ओझेल मा पार्न सक्छौ,

हामी त्यस्लाई निहाल्छौ अनि

भन्न सक्छौ,

"बेवकुफ माछा!,

त न निदाउछस नै,

न त सँग Eyelid नै छ!"

त निदाउन सक्दैनस त्यसैले,

त सपना देख्न सक्दैनस्,


हामी सपना देख्न सक्छौ,

हामी मानव हौ!

हामी धेरै रङ बोकेका कथाहरु

हाम्रा आखामा सम्हाल्न सक्छौ ।


हामी आशा गर्न सक्छौ,

हामी लक्ष्य राख्न सक्छौ

र हामी सम्झन सक्छौ।"
"Stop making any excuses anymore, You are a little numb. You don't know what to feel and how to act, right? Stop seeking attention!  Hell ya' You don't belong here anymore"

"She used to go to library. Sitting in the front corner, facing laptop  screen whole day with PDFs on it, she used to nob her head for half and hour and jerk suddenly and go outside to drink water. And still she used to nob her head.  HA HA HA !!! Shitty little nerd, HA HA HA!!!

"You know? she used to be with her little laptop table during whole day. Sometime she even used to forget to shut down the laptop and even herself HA HA. She used to study the whole and even she was more laborious than me. I think she was trying to show them all. She was not exam-oriented, right? I think this environment is not suitable for her, I think "Engineering" doesn't belongs to her!!!

This are the words my "so-called" friends and dear one talk about me everyday this days.…
An Ode to the guy in me

There is a little bit of guy in me Secretly adores out of size Shirts,Hip hop Pants, and Rubber used big black watches. He gets goosebumps when Bullet For My Valentine sings their high notes He blushes every-time "Shawshank Redemption" Andy Dufresne blushes watching the full poster of beautiful girl He jumps in joy whenever Mark Ruffalo chooses to be youngwith Jenifer Garner He has revelations when Adam Levine decides to begin again with Keira Knightly.

My mother tells me I have got "Guy Fingers" She means  hard fingers, fingers that seems like they have been a part of fistfights. She means rough fingers, fingers that seem like they have been bruised. She worries of what's gonna happen to me,  When life eventually will be on other's hand. But sometimes brother comes running from his friends with arguments And my rough-hand's patty on his waist brings their friendship back.

I have been told I have "Guy Feet" My nails look like they were…
The ढोका

गाह्रो अवस्था त तेती बेला हो , जब आफुलाई नै महसुश हुन्छ कि, अब यो पेरिसथिती सम्हाल्न सकिदैन अबुभब आफैलाई नै हुन्छ ।
म मैले मेरो नाममा रहेका  तर, नतिरिएका पार्किङ टिकटको बारेमा सम्झान्छु न म आफैनै तिर्न सक्छु, न म मेरा ति नतिरिएका टिकटका लागी , किराय मा नै लिन सक्छु अनी मेरा पाएका साथीहरु पनि  केबल, खेल जस्तै , तर एत्रतत्र , कुनै लछ्य बिहिन , सन्सारलाईनै त्याग्ने गरि, कुनै बेशुर  गीत बजेझै , रम्न चाहन्छन् जाडको तालको ड्राइभिङ्को ताल मा । म एक्लो सम्म पनि एती हुन आटिसके कि, सधै पर, एत्रतत्र बस्ने, फोन र एअरफोन पनि आजकल  सँगइ बस्न थालेका छन्, मेरा कानको समिप, तर मात्र एत्ती फरक छ कि, यिनिहरु बेसुर छैनन, यिनिहरु मेरा मनको एक्लोपनको समिप छन्, मेरो एक्लोपन को रोदनको मात्र गीत सुनौछन्, र आजकल यिहिहरुको सामिप्यपना एती मन पर्छ कि, घर बाट टाडा नहुँदा, मेरा कहिले पनि कमजोर नभएका आखाले,  आजकल आमाको सामिप्यता भन्दा पनि प्यारो भएर, मेरा आमाका चुमबनभन्दा पनि न्यानो भएर, आजकल चस्माहरुले आमाले माया गरेर मुआइ गर्ने स्थान लिएका छन ।
म साह्रै निरास छु, एक पटक टुक्रीदएइ   मेरो Therapist लाई फोन गरे, "Mom, मैले आफुलाई नै मार्न…